On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 18:11, John Gillis wrote:
>       My apologies if this has already been asked. I'd like to upgrade
> my non-production machines to 5.3 once it is released, however I'd like
> the production servers to lag behind once I make sure everything is
> working right.
>       This might mean that my production servers would be running 4.x
> for the next few months. Compiling world, the kernel, and ports is done on
> non-production machines however, with the ports being packaged and
> installed on the servers and /usr/src being NFS mounted from a
> non-production machine.
>       After installing 5.3 on the non-production machines, I'd like to
> track the 4-RELEASEs into another directory, say /usr/src.4 while tracking
> 5.3-RELEASE in /usr/src.
>       My question is.. would I be able to compile anything on 5.3 that
> would still work on 4.10? Does the make build(world|kernel) bootstrap and
> then use the /usr/src.4 development environment to link/compile
> everything? Would I be at a loss with ports (not terribly important in my
> environment)?

Consider holding back one non-production machine at 4.x as the build box
for the production servers. That would eliminate any chance of the 5.x
tree affecting the production servers. Either run cvsup twice (once from
the 4.x build box and again from the 5.x build box) or set up your own
cvsup mirror.


Gary Dunn

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