At 13:40 14/10/2004, metallarch wrote:
Does freebsd support any antivirus programs(server) for windows computers?

At my site, we have a 100 user licence for Sophos AV, and it supports Windows, Mac OS 8+ and OS X, and various unix flavours including both FreeBSD 3.x and FreeBSD 4.x

In FreeBSD I use the sophos "sweep" on demand scanner to scan incomming
mail attachments before delivering them to user mail boxes. Desktop
users have the on-access scanner running all the time in their MS
Windows and/or Mac OSX environments.

We use Sophos on the Unix server cause I think it's the best fit for our
organisation as a whole (especially the Windows desktop & file server
which is what the majority of machines run... though not the majority
of our servers).

Hope this helps.

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