On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 09:57:47 -0400, stan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm going back to traveling a bit, from not traveling at all for several
> years.
> I find that a lot of the motels internet access is now wireless only.
> I've got a FreeBSD STABLE laptop, and I was wondering what the best brand
> of card to but for it would be?

You may want to look here for a list of a few.  and if you keep up
with -STABLE (which is to say are upgrading to 5.3) you will be able
to find a similar list provided for it.  I cannot really speak for the
"best" brand, but I used the Netgear MA401 in my last laptop and it
worked while...while it lasted.  It's kind of a 3 - 6 month lifespan
card, but was supported and thin enough that my other pcmcia slot was
open.  I've moved to built-in recently and use one of the atheros
chipsets.  I am much more happy with this solution, personally.  I've
heard that the orinoco chipset is in some cards that are both
high-reception and sturdy.  Perhaps cards by IBM or Cisco is where to
look for higher quality cards.  But again, I went with the Netgear
because it was like 10ish dollars on ebay.  Good luck :)

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