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Current O/S version = FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE Current Bind version = named 8.3.7-REL

        Does anyone know if upgrading Bind/named 8.3.7 to 9.3 is
recommended within 4.10-RELEASE?

Recommended? It's more a personal preference thing, isn't it?

If so can this be accomplished using the
portupgrade command

No. Portupgrade will upgrade 8.3 to 8.4.

or should a different method be used like downloading
bind9.tar.gz file and running make install?

No. Use the ports. Make backups of your .conf and .zone files. Then go to /usr/ports/dns/bind8/ and make deinstall. Then go to /usr/ports/dns/bind9/ and make install clean. Then read the pkg-message and follow the instructions in it. You'll have to enable bind in rc.conf. Make sure you *read* the instructions.

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