I am running freebsd 4.10. I have a case start / stop
script for Swatch in /usr/local/etc/rc.d. I can run
the script manually as superuser and it works
correctly - Swatch correctly starts and stops, and
runs as a daemon in the backgound. But when I reboot
the server, the Swatch service doesn't start (and no
error messages). 

By RTFM my understanding is that for 4.10 nothing
special is needed. Just make sure the script is in the
rc.d directory, is executable (755) and ends with .sh.
The script is owned by root and wheel.

I've google and re-read, but I'm at a dead end. Can
anyone help me understand why the command line
execution of the script works, but on boot-up through
rc.d the script won't work?  

I can provide details of the script if needed, but it
seems there is something fundamental that I am



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