On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 09:47:03PM -0700, Henri Prudhomme wrote:

> By RTFM my understanding is that for 4.10 nothing
> special is needed. Just make sure the script is in the
> rc.d directory, is executable (755) and ends with .sh.
> The script is owned by root and wheel.

It depends.  More and more ports are switching over to the rc.subr
style of startup script.  In those cases you also need to edit
/etc/rc.conf and put in a line 'foo_enable="YES"' to enable starting
the foo service at boot time.  Or indeed at any time by manually
running the rc.d script.

Since your script can start up Swatch when run by hand, but not during
system boot, I suspect the problem is either to do with having or not
having a tty at startup time, or else to do with boot order -- maybe
if you try changing the script name to 'zzzswatch.sh' to force it to
be started up last it will work better.

Hmmm... I see that the security/swatch port does not come with a
standard startup script.  Perhaps your best bet would be to post the
script here and see if we can spot the bugs.



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