I'm trying to setup natd to port forward to a http,ftp and vnc server behind
the natd box

But I only want a customer from their static ip address to be able to login
and block everything else

Is this possible in an natd enviroment?

Any examples?

Port forwarding works ok, I just can't figure out the rules to stop everyone
and allow this one client



If you've got the portforwarding working, then a few IPFW rules will add the
security you're looking for.  If your divert rule is number 100, then add a
few rules above it, like this:

ipfw add 50 skipto 100 tcp from [static.ip.of.customer] to
[public.ip.of.nat.box] 80 ipfw add 51 skipto 100 tcp from
[static.ip.of.customer] to [public.ip.of.nat.box] 21 ipfw add 52 skipto 100
tcp from [static.ip.of.customer] to [public.ip.of.nat.box] [VNC port] ipfw
add 53 deny tcp from any to [public.ip.of.nat.box] 80 ipfw add 54 deny tcp
from any to [public.ip.of.nat.box] 21 ipfw add 55 deny tcp from any to
[public.ip.of.nat.box] [VNC port]

The first three rules pass the traffic from the specified IP, to the divert
rule, to natd, and get portforwaded.  Any other traffic on those ports get
blocked, and doesn't get diverted.


This worked a treat, thanks very much.


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