For the last year, we've had our company website hosted on a Virtual Private Server 
that runs on FreeBSD 4.8.  I've been having some problems getting support from that 
organization and want to look at moving to a different web host.  

There are many reasons why we use an external company for our webspace rather than 
doing it all internally.  I am now running a FreeBSD 4.10 machine in house for 
development purposes but will also use an external source for the actual production 
pages and database.  

My problem is that we are a very small organization and the cost for a dedicated 
server has been prohibitive in the past.  Also, we never really needed all the disk 
space and "do-it-yourself" headaches.  Since, for the past 3 years we were a 
one-person do-it-all IT department (that's changing as we grow, but we still have a 
long way to go!)  So, I need GOOD and RELIABLE SUPPORT, the "common" stuff for WEB 
Hosting pre-installed (FreeBSD, Apache (including Apache-ASP), CGI, MySQL, Perl, PHP, 
Sendmail, etc) and both SSH and Webmin access to the remote server.  

Any recommendations for a great Web Hosting Company that will provide outstanding 
service and support to a small, but very webcentric organization would be greatly 

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