Gordon Freeman writes:

>  I have a powered KVM unit for my Windows box and my FreeBSD
>  box. If the power is lost (for whatever reason) and then comes
>  back, the Windows seems to be able to recover without any serious
>  problems. On my FreeBSD box however, the mouse freezes.

        I have a longstanding similar problem with my USB KVM*.  What
"fixes" it for me is to switch to another virtual console and back -
i.g. <Ctl><Alt<F2>, followed by <Ctl><Alt<F4>, where <Ctl><Alt<F4> is
running X.
        I also have problems - which may be related - with the mouse
just suddenly freezing, especially under heavy load.  Same fix works.

                                Robert Huff

* -     Startech StarView 431USB, KVM
        FreeBSD -CURRENT (but the problem goes back to 4.x)
        Windows ME

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