On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 16:48:49 -0700, Randy Grafton

> Here's a small peek into FreeBSD accommodating you're goals;
> FreeBSD has a software/application repository called ports, (this thing
> is truly amazing!).
> Within the ports directory you will find apache and mod_mp3. This will
> give you a web server with streaming mp3
> capabilities. Not including the time to load up your mp3 collection and
> web pages, you could have this system
> up, running and ready to satisfy your goals within an hour or 2, (taking
> that you have fast Internet connection and hardware)!

> -Randy

thanks now i know that for a web server i need apache :D and for
stream also(or) mod_mp3 now im gonna give my self a time to read about

many thanks all for the support
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