On Thu, 2004-10-14 at 07:58, Bigbrother wrote:

> MachineB mounts machineA:/disk and puts 1.2 GB of data from its disk to the
> machineA dick.  A CRC check performed on the copied files show that
> everything is correct. (always!)

Then do it this way :-)

Seriously, though, to isolate NFS you need to exercise the network and
file systems using other methods. How about transfering the same files
using a) ftp and b) scp. If the problem is dropped packets or
fragmentation or stuck bits in the NIC, those methods will be equally

Does either machine ever display an error message about nfs going down
then coming back? I can't remember the exact words, something like
connection lost then restored. When this happens to me at work it is due
to the ethernet switch port one system is connected to coming up in half
duplex instead of full duplex. Once it was a bad cat5 cable. 

Are the file sizes different?

Gary Dunn

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