On Sat, Oct 16, 2004 at 12:20:22AM +0200, h wrote:
> On Saturday 16 October 2004 00:05, Dan Finn wrote:
> > Finally got it back installed.  I had to use portinstall, 
> > very wierd.
> > Even after the suggested fix above regarding un-install and 
> > delete of
> > the directories I still see the same problem.  Please keep 
> > me posted
> > with a fix, this is rather annoying.

i am using firefox 0.93 on freebsd 5.21p11 - it crashes once in a 
while when loading 'ordinary' pages with "chunk already free" and
a segfault. when i try loading them again later it usually works. 
from googling i learned that this might be related to Xft...
anybody got a solution to that (apart from disabling Xft, it looks
so nice ;-)? 

it also almost inevitably crashes if i close a window that was
previously popped up by javascript; and the flashplugin (i use one
of the netscape plugins from the jdk1.4.2 plugins directory) seems
to have issues, too. any advice on these would also be greatly 

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