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Saturday, October 16, 2004, 11:22:49 AM, you wrote:

> Hi all, 

>  I've got a freebsd dedicated server in germany. My web page is only
> accessible by www.mydomain.com. Now, I wanna create subdomains by
> country, for instance, france.mydomain.com, spain.mydomain.com, ....

I have no experiencies with named or any other name-servers, but I
think you are right.

> I think I have to set-up the named and create virtual-hosts in my
> apache. However, my server has the named and bind already installed,
> but no /etc/namedb folder exists. I've tried to create it and its
> files, but the named does not work.

If you are using 5.3-beta7 the named is in the chroot by default now.
The chroot directory is located in /var/named, so the config files you
can found there.

> I didn't found any web that explains the whole process clearly. 

I think, this could help you.


> Could anyone please provide a default example with this initial
> configuration for my domain?, just the basic one, I don't have any
> other special requirement.

> Thanks in advance.

> Albert

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