Dear Sir,

   Our company is dedicated to give support and consulting in the open
   source systems. As we have a very good skill and expertise on FreeBSD,
   OpenBSD, SuSE Linux and other distributions we would like to know what
   is necessary to be a partner or consulting company licensed by FreeBSD
   in our region. We are located in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, near
   1000 Km from Argentina. Our city is a Capital of the State of Rio
   Grande do Sul, one of the most rising State of Brazil and with many
   industries and commerce.

   If FreeBSD are interested to have a Spearhead in this region, please,
   send us an e-mail giving the coordinates to initiate us as partner or
   consultors for you.

   Thanks in advance and best regards

   Ricardo Rothfeld Tech Dept.
   LNX IT Informação e Tecnologia
   Av. Venâncio Aires 1137 Porto Alegre RS
   Fone (55-51)3331-1446
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