Installed ntop 3.0 today, edited the shell script and when I run the script ntop launches and I can connect to the webserver interface. The frame cross the top loads, but when I click ANY link to look at the reports, i get a popup window that is blank.

Ntop load --> top frame only loads -> click link -> new blank window pops up.

Now -- if i just run /usr/local/bin/ntop (via a ssh session) ntop runs in interactive mode -- perfectly

I thought "a ha, that shellscript is just messed up"

so i run ntop with this:

/usr/local/bin/ntop -d    (as a daemon)

and i get the same behavior as the shellscript - blank windows and empty new windows.

Revert to  /usr/local/bin/ntop  (interactive)
and it works perfectly again

Anybody have suggestions???

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