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First of all, I am a Chinese FreeBSD fan. I am only 16-year-old May be
the youngest boy using FreeBSD in China!!!

Well, you could be right! But, there are a lot of 16 year old boys in China, I'll bet. I don't know how many of them have a computer, but probably quite a number of them. Hopefully, though you're not the *only* one ... if so, then you'll have trouble with the plans you've outlined below, won't you? :-)

I've accessed , and got this
email address.
so,I decided to write to you! to ask & tell something.

Since I am a freebsd fan,so i study freebsd hard(harder&harder).and
i've already built some servers which runs on freebsd,like
apache,samba,squid,BIND8,ftpd,......etc.[I even tried some 0day
software ( Zeus web server / NcFTPd ),lol !]

That's cool....

I am going to build a Group called ' China FreeBSD-teenagers' Group '.
now i am asking you --- I hope you can agree me build such a group in
China for freebsd-teenagers!(access it at

I doubt that any permission is needed for a users' group from anyone associated with FreeBSD. Just be sure and obey local laws and such, and international standards of good behavior (no one likes "spam", viruses, trojans, spyware, adware or unauthorized computer access attempts in most of the world - I assume it's "frowned upon" in China as well?) ... and have fun with FreeBSD!

Contacte u later!
Best wishes to FreeBSD!


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