How can a user process get IPv6 multicast addresses of ethernet
interfaces? I have FreeBSD 5.2.1 and get interface addresses
via ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF) or sysctl(witch NET_RT_IFLIST),
but all returned addresses are unicast.

In net/if.h there is a struct ifma_msghdr:

 * Message format for use in obtaining information about multicast addresses
 * from the routing socket
struct ifma_msghdr {
        u_short ifmam_msglen;   /* to skip over non-understood messages */
        u_char  ifmam_version;  /* future binary compatibility */
        u_char  ifmam_type;     /* message type */
        int     ifmam_addrs;    /* like rtm_addrs */
        int     ifmam_flags;    /* value of ifa_flags */
        u_short ifmam_index;    /* index for associated ifp */

How it may be used?

Grigory Klyuchnikov.

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