[Henrik W Lund, 2004-10-17]
>  What this means is that any other slices you had on the disk will be gone. I
>  don't know what disk layout you had, but something tells me that you may have
>  erased /usr, /var and /tmp (if you used the default fdisk layout when
>  installing FreeBSD, that is). I'm no expert, but I think this _can_ lead to
>  complications.

Note that BIOS partitions are not the same as BSD partitions. The former 
is known as slices in BSD. fdisk -BI /dev/da0 will initialize the disk for 
one *slice* covering the whole disk. BSD partitions inside this slice will 
not be afflicted, so /usr, /var and /tmp are probably still intact as 
well :)

If there were other slices on the disk (bios partitions) the original 
partition table may be recovered using sysutils/gpart.

Svein Halvor
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