Just a request, please do not use the term "advertising clause"

This is a term that was created by the Linux bigots, specifically
people like RMS who is so bigoted he can't see beyond the tip
of his nose.  It has never been "advertising" before to give
credit to the authors of a software package until the pro-GPL-anti-BSD
crowd came along.  It has also never been a burden of any kind
to include credit to UCB until people started to think it was
because the GPL crowd told them.  And many companies used BSD
code without giving credit, and nobody cared.  (for example,
Microsoft who used plenty of BSD code including BSD header files
that still had the BSD copyrights in them)

  I think it is either extremely mean-spirited to make a big
deal over this or it is a subtle BSD-bash to do so.  Nobody in
the BSD community ever coined the term "advertising-clause" this
was forced on us from without, and there is no reason to use

Ted Mittelstaedt

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> Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 1:36 PM
> Subject: advertising clause in license
> Hello all,
> after typing:
> fgrep -r "All advertising materials" /usr/src/sys
> it seems like there are still many files which 
> contain the advertising clause. has there been any 
> attempts to contact the copyright authors of these 
> files and see if it can be removed?
> not too much of a deal, i was just wondering.
> Nell
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