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> I have an application that does image capture for video surveillance.
> It was designed on 4.x, nowdays running on 4.10 and using a video
> capture card with a Brooktree 484 chipset. The capture function is
> copied from the meteor example.
> Now I am requested to port that application to 25 new boxes. Ideally
> I'd love to locates hardware that work with the existing software but
> I will never be able to find bktr 484 card.
> And the solution must be cheap (so firewire may not be the solution).
> I cannot spend too much time testing so would prefer to stick to 4.10,
> and certainly cannot spend money on a solution that may not work.
> I am looking for any advice in the USB direction or traditionnal PCI
> video capture card.

Actually, I hvan't heard of a brooktree 484 card, don't you mean 848?

Seriously, if the card is using the supplied BT driver from FreeBSD,
then you have the luxury of using any of the BT chipsets (878 is
popular and readily available).  Failing that, it really depends on how
your application is accessing the capture device.  If it is just copying
data from the raw device, then you can use the Hauppauge PVR series
cards which I absolutely love, having used them in a surveillance
application myself recently.

IF the card you are looking at really is the 848 chipset, then you
should be able to use any of the brooktree cards without needing to
change the driver at all.   

Snippet from the /usr/src/sys/dev/bktr/bktr_tuner.h file
 * This is part of the Driver for Video Capture Cards (Frame grabbers)
 * and TV Tuner cards using the Brooktree Bt848, Bt848A, Bt849A, Bt878,
Bt879 * chipset.

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