Nikolas Britton wrote:
I can't find his name or email address anywhere BUT I think I can do one better then that. Here are two ASL's that where uploaded to the ACPI4Linux project:

Again, here is a copy of my asl dump:

I've attached the diff between the two versions for history. But all you have to do is download the patched ASL ("Compaq-Armada_1700_1750_3500-686EM_99.1130_A-custom.asl") and compile/override it. See the handbook or "man acpi" for steps, but the short of it is:

iasl Compaq-Armada_1700_1750_3500-686EM_99.1130_A-custom.asl
cp DSDT.aml /boot

And add to /boot/loader.conf:

This will load your custom AML at boot time.

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