Hi Torsten,

On 09/20/2016 04:31, Torsten Zuehlsdorff wrote:
> Hello,
> i'm currently working on an update to Rails (which of course is
> needed by GitLab :D). Since its a security update it would be fine to
> get it into the ports-tree.

Indeed, thanks for working on this.

> My first attempt was to update all rails-* ports but swills pointed me
> to a simple test, by running "rails new foo" on a clean installation.
> This reveals 16 needed updates. 15 of them are included in the attached
> diff, just the new port turbolinks-source is missing. I did not find any
> time for it.

There's a script floating around for generating new gem ports if you
want I can try to find where I put my copy (I didn't write it).

> Most of the updates are fairly easy and safe to commit, but since there
> are so many i found some more testers out there. Please check the
> updates by yourself and give feedback. Feel also free to commit them by
> yourself if you want.

Looks fine, I would build test all the things that depend on nokogiri at

> Also: can anybody point me to the location were the needed dependencies
> were defined? I want to adjust the Makefiles but i can't figure out
> where they come from. I even make a clean install on a fresh ports-tree
> and did a "grep -RH" about all work-dirs, but did not find any clue. Any
> help would be great.

This is generated by railties, see the generator stuff under:


In particular, there's a template at:


but there's also some stuff added in the code, such as in:



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