On Thu, 22 Feb 2018, Karli Sjöberg wrote:

> > How do I interpret the output of 'procstat -v <pid>' though? Can I
> > sum
> > up all of the RES or PRES numbers to get the total virtual memory
> > that
> > this process is consuming?
> I hacked at it a bit and came up with an updated patch that includes
> the changes you made, plus my own.
> Since "private dirty RSS" isn´t available, I´ve used "maximum RSS" from
> 'procstat -r <pid>', which is far from perfect, but it´s better than
> nothing. It now runs and does what you´d expect :)
> I have attached it to this email.

Thanks! Now we should try to integrate it into the passenger itself :)

I think you might be looking for "private resident pages" (PRES),
but I am not sure. 

For your particular problem I would log procstat -v output in its entirety
at regular intervals and see where the memory grows.

Happy you got there somehow :)


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