On 2/14/2020 10:18 AM, Ed Maste wrote:
> Upstream OpenSSH-portable removed libwrap support in version 6.7,
> released in October 2014. We've maintained a patch in our tree to
> restore it, but it causes friction on each OpenSSH update and may
> introduce security vulnerabilities not present upstream. It's (past)
> time to remove it.
> Although the specific deprecation steps aren't yet fleshed out I'm
> sending this as an early notice that I plan to disable libwrap support
> from the base system sshd and that FreeBSD 13 will not support it.
> We'll probably keep the patch in the tree for some time, to support
> MFCs to stable branches; the patch will be removed entirely later on.

FYI if you need this feature the port still has it and is at 8.2 now.

Bryan Drewery

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