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> Hi,
> I have a LSI Logic sata/sas raid running, is there a way to see the  
> state of
> the volume, like optimal, degraded or resyncing?
> I've tried several commands with camcontrol but I cant figure it out.
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Hi all,

actually there is finally a solution. In Perforce you'll find mptutil
and mptd. The first one is a utility to check the raid status and the
second one a daemon that checks and informs about the raid status

Again many thanks to John Baldwin (cc'ed to this mail) for this awesome
and highly appreciated work and to made Yahoo actually let him release
the sources.

Examples from usage on a Dell PowerEdge 860 with PERC5/iR:

[o...@munich:~%] sudo mptutil show volumes 
mpt0 Volumes:
  Id     Size    Level   Stripe  State  Write-Cache  Name
   da0 (  232G) RAID-1          OPTIMAL   Enabled   

[o...@munich:~%] sudo mptutil volume status da0
Volume da0 status:
    state: OPTIMAL
    flags: ENABLED

[o...@munich:~%] sudo mptutil show adapter         
mpt0 Adapter:
       Board Name: SAS5ira
   Board Assembly: 
        Chip Name: C1068
    Chip Revision: UNUSED
      RAID Levels: RAID0, RAID1, RAID1E
    RAID0 Stripes: 64K
   RAID1E Stripes: 64K
 RAID0 Drives/Vol: 2-8
 RAID1 Drives/Vol: 2
RAID1E Drives/Vol: 3-8

Both tools can be found at

It compiles and works out of the box on 7.1-RELEASE.

 Patrick Hurrelmann
 Mannheim, Germany

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