Hello to all,

Having licked blood now, and read the news from Kip Macy about

-  zfs boot for all types now works

I was wondering if anyone has some updated tutorial on how to achieve a zfs-only bootable FreeBSD with a mirrored zpool. While gmirror is a very nice thing, and I suppose it would be relatively easy to build a pool on top of a gmirror, I'd much more like the idea of a zfs mirror with the checksumming and recovery features zfs has (although I remember a post by pjd somewhere telling that gmirror actually has this feature too, except for the auto recovery, so given the possibility to activate it, it still could be an option...).

Searching around I found this tutorial on how to set up a ZFS bootable system, which is mostly straightforward:


However it leaves a few questions open... How am I supposed to make a zfs mirror out of it? Suppose I have ad4 and ad6, should I repeat the exact same gpart-steps for both ad4 and ad6, and then make a zpool create data mirror ad4p3 ad6p3? How about swap? I suppose it will be on one of the disks? And what if I start with one disk and add the second one later with zpool attach?

Any suggestion/links for this (also other strategies if recommended) would be very welcome, and I'll be happy to share the results when and if I succeed...

BTW, is there any limitation for i386 for the boot/root features? The machine which would be free for this experiment is i386 (p4 4Ghz, 4GB Ram)



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