Lorenzo Perone wrote:
> Hello to all,
> Having licked blood now, and read the news from Kip Macy about
>> -  zfs boot for all types now works
> I was wondering if anyone has some updated tutorial on how to achieve a
> zfs-only bootable FreeBSD with a mirrored zpool. 

My own howto and script to do the stuff automated:

But beware, it is meant to use with
afterwards. But the steps are the same.

> Searching around I found this tutorial on how to set up a ZFS bootable
> system, which is mostly straightforward:
> http://blogs.freebsdish.org/lulf/2008/12/16/setting-up-a-zfs-only-system/
> However it leaves a few questions open... How am I supposed to make a
> zfs mirror out of it? Suppose I have ad4 and ad6, should I repeat the
> exact same gpart-steps for both ad4 and ad6, and then make a zpool
> create data mirror ad4p3 ad6p3? 


> How about swap? I suppose it will be on
> one of the disks?

I keep swap in a seperate partition. You could either use two swap
partition, each on one disk or use gmirror to mirror a single swap
partition to be safe from disk crash.

> And what if I start with one disk and add the second
> one later with zpool attach?

This will work. Just do the same gpart commands on the second disk and
use zpool attach.


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