Hi, all

First, thank you for using my patch.
This archive contains individual patch files and modified Makefile.
Please select options you want before building. then make with normal way.

What's new?:
Send ScrollLock when press Ctrl+Scroll or Ctrl+Pause.
Fixed 16bpp mode have incorrect settings.
(it may cause the viewer confuse, now is send 32bpp instead of 16bpp)
Show port 0 when VNC Server disabled.
Code cleanup.

# cd /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose
# tar xvf /path/to/vboxvnc-20100211.tar.gz
# make config
# make

It provides VNC server for guest OS console access in VBoxHeadless frontend.
Supported Options:
  -v, -vnc, --vnc on|off                Enable (default) or disable the VNC
  -a, -vncaddress, --vncaddress <ip>    IP address the VNC server will bind
  -p, -vncport, --vncport <port>        Port number the VNC server will
bind to
  -k, -vnckeymap, --vnckeymap <keymap>  Keyboard mapfile (default: builtin
  -S, -vncsecret, --vncsecret <secret>  VNC Authentication secret

three options at one line is an equivalent option, for example:
"-v on", "-vnc on", "--vnc on" are same feature.

-v option specify whether VNC server starts in the machine.
default is on (enable).

-a and -p options specify IP address and port number of VNC server.
default IP is wildcard, port is 5900. If you have multiple IPs(NICs) in your
you can select the listen address of the server.

-k option specify the keyboard layout convert from VNC keys to Scancodes.
default is US standard 101keys. (I tested only US 101 keyboard)
If you want another keyboard, you can spcify the path of kbdmap(5).
In standard installation of FreeBSD, it's located in
for example, "-k /usr/share/syscons/keymaps/jp.106.kbd" uses JP 106

-S option specify the password of the VNC server.
However, it have security risk in common server. It assumed used with
(limited user environment). Please consider the risk by using command line.

When starting the VM, the proctitle is changed like below (you can see by
"ps axww"):
VBoxHeadless: VM: TestVM4 Port: 5900 Auth: off (VBoxHeadless)

Daisuke Aoyama

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