On 20/07/2010, at 5:19 PM, Ruben van Staveren wrote:

> Hi,
> This happens during a "sudo portupgrade -va --batch"
> my shell is /bin/tcsh too. When I run "exec bash" after sudo -s and then do 
> the portupgrade the problem doesn't show up. 
> To me, this is a clear breakage and should be considered a show stopper issue 
> for 8.1-RELEASE. All shells should be equally supported, especially when they 
> reside in /bin. Is there already an open pr on this ?

No PR from me, and not a chance of a fix to 8.1 at this point, unless it really 
does cause breakage (not just a message, but actually stops things); the tag 
has been laid down and would need to be slid forward.

It's likely to be either of two things... a bug in sh, that using tcsh 
highlights because of differing signal setup; or a bug in tcsh that a bug fix 
in sh highlights. It's a bug that comes and goes in the history of FreeBSD, at 
least since early 2006 (based on 10 seconds with Google - 

> Thanks,
>       Ruben  

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