Used freebsd-update from 11.0-RC1 to 11.0-RC3 and kernel compile failed:

linking kernel.full
iflib.o: In function `iflib_legacy_setup':
/usr/src/sys/amd64/compile/hyster3/../../../net/iflib.c:4457: undefined
reference to `taskqgroup_attach'

kernel config was GENERIC with added:

> device          pf
> device          pflog
> device          pfsync
> options         ALTQ
> options         ALTQ_CBQ
> options         ALTQ_RED
> options         ALTQ_RIO
> options         ALTQ_CODEL
> options         ALTQ_HFSC
> options         ALTQ_FAIRQ
> options         ALTQ_CDNR
> options         ALTQ_PRIQ

Any help greatly appreciated.

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