On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 02:28:56PM -0700, Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:

> > Everything on physical Ethernet has support for it Including the LAN 
> > interface of Firewall, and talks to it just fine over a single interface 
> > with 
> > Jumbo frames enabled.
> Well, before you get too carried away, try this:
> 1) Run a ttcp test between a pair of local hosts using the exiting 
> jumboframes (pick two that you expect high volume traffic between).
> 2) Run the same test, but with the default MTU.
> If you don't see a very visible difference in throughput (e.g. >15%), it's 
> not worth the hassle.
> Just as a datapoint, we're running 10-gigE off some low-end Supermicro 
> boxes with 10.3-RELEASE.  Using the default MTU we're getting > 750 MB/s 
> TCP throughput.  I can't believe that you won't be able to fully saturate 
> a 1 Gb/s link running the default MTU on anything with more oomph than a 
> dual-core 32-bit Atom.
> IOW, don't micro-optimize.  Life's too short ...

May be surprised, but jumbo frames can degrade performance for not
direct connected host, i.e. multiple switch between host:


This is because RTT of this link for jumbo frames higher 1500 bytes
frame for store-and-forward switch chain.
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