On Sun, Oct 09, 2016 at 08:11:55PM -0400, Nathan Lay wrote:
> If your problem is anything like mine was, buildworld is trying to link
> with /usr/lib/librt.so rather than the new one built during the buildworld
> build. As per a recent commit, the new librt will have the additional
> mq_getfd_np() symbol while the original /usr/lib/librt.so will not. That
> causes those unresolved reference errors for new code trying to use the
> mq_getfd_np() function.
> Try building and installing librt manually:
> cd /usr/src/lib/librt
> make && make install
> Then try buildworld again.
Thank you for reply and advice. It was, of course my fault, 
/etc/src.conf file was left unchanged since upgrade from 9.3 and 
setting "CC=clang" was causing compilation errors.
The first impression is very important: FreeBSD 11 runs pretty smoothly 
on this old machine being also more lightweight than 9.3.


Marek Zarychta

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