>  I see, thus just for the context:  The TCP stack in sys/dev/cxgb* is a
> TOE (TCP Offload Engine?) TCP stack for Chelsio NICs, it is a
> separate/side TCP stack that is used only with TCP_OFFLOAD option.
>  This TOE TCP stack actually has its own set of detach()/input()
> functions and seems to check INP_DROPPED flag properly.  I guess @np
> check fixes in socket TCP stack and decides which one can also impact

Yes, I do keep an eye on the changes in the stack and keep the TOE
drivers up to date.  The good part is that those drivers are trying to
do the exact same thing with the locks and various bits of state as the
software stack so they don't have any special requirements.

If any patch comes out of this discussion I'll update the TOE drivers
(if needed).

btw, if you're looking at TOE drivers then read the sys/dev/cxgbe/t4_tom
code (instead of the old T3 chip's cxgb/ulp/tom) as that's the most
actively maintained and tested.

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