On 10/16/16 14:16, Warner Losh wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 12:08 PM, Warren Block <wbl...@wonkity.com> wrote:
>> On Sun, 16 Oct 2016, George Mitchell wrote:
>>>> So not only is it (apparently) recognized, but the sdhci_pci driver
>>>> attached to it!  But inserting or removing a card shows no activity.
>>>> What's my next step?                                      -- George
>> Is a device created for the empty reader?  It's worth trying to force a
>> retaste of that device with 'true > /dev/daX' after the card is inserted.
> Don't look for da anything. Look for mmcsd something. The sdhci_pci
> driver provides disks that are mmcsdX. Looks like card change
> interrupts aren't happening, or there's something else making the
> driver unhappy with the SDHCI controller though...
> Warner
> [...]

No /dev/mm*; no log output on card insertion/removal even with
sysctl hw.sdhci.debug=1.  Other sysctl info:

sysctl -a | grep sdhci
device  sdhci
hw.sdhci.enable_msi: 1
hw.sdhci.debug: 1
dev.sdhci_pci.0.%parent: pci0
dev.sdhci_pci.0.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x1022 device=0x7813 subvendor=0x1025
subdevice=0x0865 class=0x080501
dev.sdhci_pci.0.%location: pci0:0:20:7
dev.sdhci_pci.0.%driver: sdhci_pci
dev.sdhci_pci.0.%desc: Generic SD HCI

-- George

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