I have a couple of hosts on different networks running 11.1-RELEASE amd64. 
Neither host will auto-configure its IPv6 address, even though valid router 
advertisements[1] are present. Both hosts have two oce(4) interfaces aggregated 
in fail-over mode via lagg(4). The lagg interface is configured thusly 

ifconfig_lagg0="inet xxx.xxx.217.100/25 laggproto failover laggport oce0 
laggport oce1"
ifconfig_lagg0_ipv6="inet6 accept_rtadv"

The running interface looks like this:
lagg0: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500
        ether ac:16:2d:1e:b8:80
        inet xxx.xxx.217.100 netmask 0xffffff80 broadcast xxx.xxx.217.127 
        inet6 fe80::ae16:2dff:fe1e:b880%lagg0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0xc 
        media: Ethernet autoselect
        status: active
        groups: lagg 
        laggproto failover lagghash l2,l3,l4
        laggport: oce0 flags=5<MASTER,ACTIVE>
        laggport: oce1 flags=0<>

ndp(8) shows only:
Neighbor                             Linklayer Address  Netif Expire    S Flags
fe80::ae16:2dff:fe1e:b880%lagg0      ac:16:2d:1e:b8:80  lagg0 permanent R

Other hosts (running RedHat 6) on the same network SLAAC just fine. Does anyone 
have insight into this problem or suggestions for troubleshooting?

Greg Rivers

Internet Control Message Protocol v6
    Type: Router Advertisement (134)
    Code: 0
    Checksum: 0x8176 [correct]
    [Checksum Status: Good]
    Cur hop limit: 64
    Flags: 0x00, Prf (Default Router Preference): Medium
        0... .... = Managed address configuration: Not set
        .0.. .... = Other configuration: Not set
        ..0. .... = Home Agent: Not set
        ...0 0... = Prf (Default Router Preference): Medium (0)
        .... .0.. = Proxy: Not set
        .... ..0. = Reserved: 0
    Router lifetime (s): 1800
    Reachable time (ms): 0
    Retrans timer (ms): 0
    ICMPv6 Option (Source link-layer address : 64:a0:e7:45:63:43)
        Type: Source link-layer address (1)
        Length: 1 (8 bytes)
        Link-layer address: Cisco_45:63:43 (64:a0:e7:45:63:43)
    ICMPv6 Option (Prefix information : 26xx:xxxx:4013:23::/64)
        Type: Prefix information (3)
        Length: 4 (32 bytes)
        Prefix Length: 64
        Flag: 0xc0, On-link flag(L), Autonomous address-configuration flag(A)
            1... .... = On-link flag(L): Set
            .1.. .... = Autonomous address-configuration flag(A): Set
            ..0. .... = Router address flag(R): Not set
            ...0 0000 = Reserved: 0
        Valid Lifetime: 2592000
        Preferred Lifetime: 604800
        Prefix: 26xx:xxxx:4013:23::
    ICMPv6 Option (MTU : 9216)
        Type: MTU (5)
        Length: 1 (8 bytes)
        MTU: 9216
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