On 2/22/2018 3:41 PM, Mike Tancsa wrote:
> On 2/21/2018 3:04 PM, Mike Tancsa wrote:
>> Not sure if I have found another issue specific to Ryzen, or a bug that
>> manifests itself on Ryzen systems easier.  I installed the latest
>> virtualbox from the ports and was doing some network performance tests
>> between a vm and the hypervisor using iperf3.  The guest is just a
>> RELENG11 image and the network is an em nic bridged to epair1b
> This looks possibly related to VirtualBox. Doing the same tests and more
> using bhyve, I dont get any lockup.  Not to mention, network IO is MUCH
> faster.

Actually, it just took a little bit longer to lock up the box with bhyve
on RELENG_11 as the hypervisor.   Would be great if anyone can confirm
this locks up their Ryzen boxes ? I tried 2 different boxes to eliminate
a hardware issue.  Also tried a similar test on Ubuntu and I can spin up
4 instances and run without lockups.

Just grab a copy of


and make 2 copies. tmp.raw and tmp2.raw

kldload vmm
ifconfig tap0 create
ifconfig tap1 create
ifconfig tap1 up
ifconfig tap0 up
ifconfig bridge0 create addm tap0 addm tap1
ifconfig bridge0

screen -d -m sh /usr/share/examples/bhyve/vmrun.sh -c 4 -m 6144M -t tap0
-d tmp.raw BSD11a
screen -d -m sh /usr/share/examples/bhyve/vmrun.sh -c 4 -m 6144M -t tap1
-d tmp2.raw BSD11b

Install netperf on the 2 vms and give the vtnet interface and

In both VMs pkg install iperf3 and start it up as
iperf -s

In the hypervisor,
iperf -t 10000 -R -c
iperf -t 10000 -c

the box locks up solid after 5-20 min.  Same hardware with Ubuntu and
virtual box and 4 instances work fine, no lockups after a day so not
sure whats up but it seems to be something with the Ryzen CPU running as
a hypervisor or with some type of load :(

Prior to lockup I had a stream of netstat -m writing to a file every 5
seconds. The last entry was below. It doesnt seem to be leak.

Thu Feb 22 17:14:28 EST 2018
8694/10281/18975 mbufs in use (current/cache/total)
8225/5211/13436/2038424 mbuf clusters in use (current/cache/total/max)
8225/5184 mbuf+clusters out of packet secondary zone in use (current/cache)
461/3747/4208/1019211 4k (page size) jumbo clusters in use
0/0/0/301988 9k jumbo clusters in use (current/cache/total/max)
0/0/0/169868 16k jumbo clusters in use (current/cache/total/max)
20467K/27980K/48447K bytes allocated to network (current/cache/total)
0/0/0 requests for mbufs denied (mbufs/clusters/mbuf+clusters)
0/0/0 requests for mbufs delayed (mbufs/clusters/mbuf+clusters)
0/0/0 requests for jumbo clusters delayed (4k/9k/16k)
0/0/0 requests for jumbo clusters denied (4k/9k/16k)
0 sendfile syscalls
0 sendfile syscalls completed without I/O request
0 requests for I/O initiated by sendfile
0 pages read by sendfile as part of a request
0 pages were valid at time of a sendfile request
0 pages were requested for read ahead by applications
0 pages were read ahead by sendfile
0 times sendfile encountered an already busy page
0 requests for sfbufs denied
0 requests for sfbufs delayed


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