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folks who have touched this code or dealt with it recently or in the

Something has changed regarding how FreeBSD determines when to emit this
message.  I do not know if this is a regression.  The message below
comes from a stable/11 r330260 amd64 box w/ 8GB RAM and 32GB swap during

warning: total configured swap (8358563 pages) exceeds maximum recommended 
amount (8141112 pages).
warning: increase kern.maxswzone or reduce amount of swap.

In stable/9, the message could be squelched via kern.maxswzone="0" in
loader.conf.  Confirmation is here (see Dag-Erling's responses):

In stable/11, this no longer appears to work (the default value is 0).

The reason this box has 32GB swap (4x more than existing RAM) has to do
with planning ahead.  The system can support up to 32GB RAM, but does
not have all the DIMM slots populated at this time.  Swap on this
machine is a physical partition on its main disk, thus "shrinking swap"
is not not possible without a full format/reinstall.

This code has been touched/tweaked semi-recently in PR 221356:

Code references:


My questions: how does one squelch this warning message on such systems
running stable/11?  If it involves setting the tunable to a more useful
value, how does one reliably calculate that value?

Thank you.

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