On 3/2/18 7:53 AM, Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Feb 2018 21:35:24 +0100
> Hans Petter Selasky <h...@selasky.org> wrote:
>> Hi FreeBSD desktop users!
>> During the past week and over the weekend all parts needed for building, 
>> loading and using graphics/drm-next-kmod on FreeBSD-11-stable have been 
>> completed!
> Thanks for the hard work by all involved!
> Tested a few days ago, reported in the forum post here: 
> https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/using-drm-next-kmod-on-freebsd-11-stable.64731/#post-378702
> TL;DR - it works on a Toshiba Satellite Z30-B-10W (Broadwell-U,  Intel HD 
> Graphics 5500). One issue - the text console (before starting Xorg) has 
> serious lag, 
> you can type a command before anything shows on the screen. Should I open an 
> issue for this on Github?

Hey there - thanks for testing!  I would recommend posting an issue on
the Github repo for this.  If you could be sure to include which
revision you are running (11-stable or 12-current revision) in addition
to the version of the port/pkg you have install that'd be helpful.


Pete Wright

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