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> Hi,
> Importing two zpools after a hd crash, the first pool I imported
> auto-loads at boot. But the second one I'm always having to zfs mount
> (zpool name) then mount the zfs subdirs. The system was like this:
> ada0 (this had the OS on. It was replaced after it crashed. Not a member
> of any zpool, not zfs at all, no root-on-zfs). New
> freebsd-11-stable-snapshot was installed to this disk.
> ada1 \
> ada2  -- these made up zpool0, a raidz pool. Each device is a 1TB disk.
> ada3 /
> zpool1 - this is striped, one 4TB disk, attached via usb3
> zpool1/c - this is compressed with lz4
> zpool1/important - this has copies=2 enabled
> I ran zpool import zpool0 and then zpool import zpool1 and both imported
> without error. However despite setting the mountpoint for zpool1 as
> /zpool1, on reboot I always have to:
> # zfs mount zpool1
> or I won't see the drive in df -h or mount or zfs mount.
> But I *will* find it at its mountpoint /zpool1. If I do a ls -lah on
> that, I can see zpool1/c and zpool1/important as dirs but not in zfs
> mount or (normal) mount, nor can I see the other dirs that are not vdevs.
> If I then zfs mount zpool1 I can see all the dirs and vdevs on that disk
> off its root, in ls -lah. But I dont see the vdevs in zfs mount. I have
> to zfs mount zpool1/c and zfs mount zpool1/important to see the vdevs in
> zfs mount.

This doesn't make sense.  vdevs have nothing to do with mounting.  You see
your vdevs by doing "zpool status".  What are you expecting to see that you

> Confusingly, I didn't need to and don't have to do any of that for
> zpool0. What am I doing wrong/what am I missing? Why is zpool0
> automatically loading but zpool1 is not? Before ada0 (the failed disk)
> was replaced, both loaded on boot.

Please post the output of "zfs list -r -o name,mountpoint,canmount,mounted"
and also the contents of /etc/fstab.  Also, have you set "zfs_enable=YES"
in /etc/rc.conf?

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