On 03/03/2018 00:09, Freddie Cash wrote:
> You said it's an external USB drive, correct? Could it be a race condition
> during the boot process where the USB mass storage driver hasn't detected
> the drive yet when /etc/rc.d/zfs is run?
> As a test, add a "sleep 30" in that script before the "zfs mount -a" call
> and reboot.

Yes it's an external usb3 drive. That's interesting and I'll test that
tomorrow. I recently commented out a GENERIC kernel the USB debug line
because the console was filling up with usb attach messages on boot.
They were appearing after the login prompt. I have a couple of usb3 hubs
attached and the disk is attached through one such hub. (although it was
done this way because sometimes it'd be seen as /dev/da0 and others as
/dev/da4. And possibly linked to this, when it came up as /dev/da0 it
was always with a usb2 speed rather than usb3).

thanks everyone for your input.
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