Am 2018-03-06 17:41, schrieb Ed Maste:

A number of issues relating to speculative execution were found last
year and publicly announced January 3rd. A variety of techniques used to
mitigate these issues have been committed to FreeBSD-CURRENT and have
been merged to the stable/11 branch.

The changes will be merged and released as an update to FreeBSD
11.1-RELEASE in the near future, but the candidate patch is now
available for broader testing.


would it be possible to provide

a) patched binaries
b) an installer for these binaries
c) a simple tool to backup the original binaries and restore them


Ever since binary patches became available, I've not bothered building FreeBSD any more. None of my systems have the source, nor do I want to install it anywhere.

I'm also not bothering to install this in a VM - you guys have probably done this a few times.

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