On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 05:15:53PM +0100, Albert Shih wrote:
> Hi,
> I got issue with Dell PowerEdge R740/R640 server with H740p and FreeBSD
> 11.1-Release, 11-stable, 12-current
> In all version I don't able to find the raid controler, so no disk...so of
> course impossible to install anything.
> I don't know if it's the right mailing-list, but if they are someone can
> help....
> In other way, I can do ? any ? test for making thing work and help the
> freebsd team. Because Dell are still a large provider for hardware, and that 
> would
> be very sad if FreeBSD cannot run on Dell.
> I still got some time (~ 1 month) before the server go in to production.
> For information Debian with Linux kernel prio to 4.14 don't work either. 
> Currently only
> RedHat 7 work out of the box.

Download the driver from


and try that.


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