Shawn Webb wrote:
>Hey all,
>It appears the Handbook and the nfsv4 manpages don't really agree,
>leading to some confusion as to how to properly set up an NFSv4 server
>on FreeBSD.
>Any guidance would be appreciated.
1 - I never look at the Handbook, but do try and maintain the man pages.
     Since you didn't explain the specifics related to your confusion, all I can
     say is that the man pages are probably more correct.

Assuming you already have a running NFSv3 NFS server, all you need to do
- Add a V4: line to your /etc/exports files. This does not "export any file 
  (that is done by other lines in /etc/exports exactly the same as NFSv3).
  However, it does tell the NFSv4 server where the "root" is for NFSv4 clients.
  (ie. Where in the server's file system tree a "nfs-server:/" done by an NFSv4 
   ends up.)
- Add nfsv4_server_enable="YES" to your /etc/rc.conf.

Note that, since NFSv4 does allow a mount to cross server mount points (unlike
NFSv3), a client will normally only do a single mount at or near the "root"
specified by the "V4:" line (see "man exports").

If you explain what inconsistencies are in the docs, maybe someone could
fix them.



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