On 30/09/2020 17:44, Roger Leigh wrote:

Hi folks,

I've been testing FreeBSD 12.2Beta3 (amd64) with VMware Workstation 16 on Windows 10, and encountered an issue which looks to be related to the UEFI console (see attached screenshot).

It's quite possible this is a VMware UEFI bug rather than a FreeBSD bug, and I've mentioned this to VMware here: https://communities.vmware.com/thread/643481 but I wanted to mention it here in case it's triggered by the FreeBSD UEFI support doing something slightly incorrect which triggers this misbehaviour.

I also tested with the latest 12.1 release image and this behaviour is not triggered with 12.1p1 or p10.

One additional detail to mention.  The installer didn't trigger the bug.  It booted from UEFI perfectly and the installer ran to completion.  This issue was only triggered after I booted into the new installation.

Kind regards,


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