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--- Comment #6 from Mark Millard <> ---
(In reply to Warner Losh from comment #5)

While Bob P.'s reports were with large gstat reporting large
ms/w and/or ms/r, Trev had made reports of getting the problem
without gstat indicating multi-second delays (averages for some
time intervals) and having lots of swap still available, starting

(But Trev only provided short segments of the records in
messages instead of posting the whole logs somewhere. This
limits confirmation.)

Note to avoid misinterpretation: I am in general agreement with
the following as appropriate experiments . . .

"You need to add non-flash swap"
"Spinning disks suffer much less from these issues"

although I would explicitly add that there are SSD-based USB
drives and at least some of these might be about as good as
using a direct SATA SSD environment with good SSDs. (Correct
me if I'm wrong for some reason.)

Notes on testing:

Having records from, say, periodic gstat runs, is a good cross
check in all cases. Having the information-reporting patches
from Mark Johnston are appropriate for testing as well. has various
things that have been used in testing. But batchqueue.patch
did not pan out and likely should be avoided. Similarly for
config_options. The readme is what talks about:

sysctl vm.pageout_oom_seq=120

The rest are patches for reporting of additional information
during operation. These are likely more important than the
gstat ms/w and ms/r records.

The context for the patches is recent head, not 11.x .

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