I just updated to current RELENG_8 yesterday, and I'm having an issue with my 
USB mic (Logitech
QuickCam).  Whereas it no longer does what it used to
(http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-usb/2009-November/007800.html), the 
recorded sounds come
out as some garbled buzzing noises.  Nothing in dmesg or /var/log/messages 
about it.  

When I do 'release' the device, though, I have to reboot.  I'm testing in Skype 
with the call test.
Once I hang up the call, Skype is frozen (pegged at 100% CPU, too), and my 
audio subsystem is in
some borked state.  I can still play music (through my onboard mixer device), 
but I can't kill Skype
or cat /dev/sndstat.  Here's the dmesg:

uaudio0: <vendor 0x046d product 0x0990, class 239/2, rev 2.00/0.08, addr 8> on 
uaudio0: No playback!
uaudio0: Record: 16000 Hz, 1 ch, 16-bit S-LE PCM format
uaudio0: No midi sequencer
pcm5: <USB audio> on uaudio0

Any clues as to what is wrong?  Thanks,


Richard Kolkovich
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