Marcin Cieslak <> wrote:

> Dnia 14.09.2010 Alexander Best <> napisa??/a:
> >> >
> >> 
> >> If we don't have to GPL the resulting .h and .c files.
> >
> > "The contents of the database and the generated files can be
> > distributed under the terms of either the GNU General Public
> > License (version 2 or later) or of the 3-clause BSD License."
> Which constitutes probably a legal bullshit, since work created
> by a computer (not a human author) cannot by copyrighted.

Maybe, but I wouldn't bet much on it without consulting a copyright
attorney (or several, since laws vary among nations).

It seems to me that the database itself was likely compiled by
humans and -- based on what little I know of (US) copyright law --
could be subject to a compilation copyright.  The generated files
could be considered derivative works.

And just in case it is not obvious, IANAL.
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