Hi, folks. When I try to sleep and then resume on my ThinkPad T40,
I sometimes (but not always) get this error message:

  usbus3: port reset timeout
  uhub_reattach_port: port 1 reset failed, error=USB_ERR_TIMEOUT
  uhub_reattach_port: device problem (USB_ERR_TIMEOUT), disabling port 1

This happens even when there's no USB device actually attached.

If I do have a USB flash drive inserted (but not mounted), mounting it
after resume fails with this error message:

  mount_msdosfs: /dev/da0: Input/output error

... and this kernel message:

  (da0:umass-sim0:0:0:0): AutoSense failed

If I however now remove the drive and insert it back, mount works
without problems.

If the flash drive was mounted before the sleep and I try to unmount it,
umount fails with "Input/output error", and this error starts to appear

 (da0:umass-sim0:0:0:0): AutoSense failed
 g_vfs_done():da0[WRITE(offset=19456, length=4096)]error = 5

Trying to read or write to the drive results in similar errors.

When I try to shutdown afterward, the error is printed a few more
times, then there's a message about giving up on 1 buffer, and finally,
the laptop won't actually shut down; it just shows the last messages
and doesn't react to key presses.

You can find my laptop's dmesg at [1]. If anyone wants to look into this
issue, I can provide any further information -- just name it.

Note that this isn't the only problem I'm having with sleep/resume; my
report here was prompted by the discussion starting at [2].

[1] http://tx97.net/~magv/dmesg-t40.81-p1.txt
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