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On 10/05/2010 16:38, Mark Atkinson wrote:
> On 10/5/2010 3:38 PM, Julian Elischer wrote:
>>  On 10/5/10 2:58 PM, Mark Atkinson wrote:
>> On 10/05/2010 11:39, Mark Atkinson wrote:
>>>>> On 10/05/2010 10:09, Mark Atkinson wrote:
>>>>>> Root mount waiting for: usbus3 usbus0
>>>>>> [hang, waits forever...]
>>>>> Well reverting to r213377 exhibits similar behavior, so I guess this is
>>>>> not suspect.  I'll keep reverting until I find the breakage.
>> Wish I had kept his machine on a closer track with current:
>> r212532: working
>> r212553: fail
>> I'm currently suspecting the one-shot timers are causing this box to
>> hang.
>>> -current hangs around there on boot under Xen.
>>> setting kern.eventtimers.periodic=1  from the boot prompt allows it to
>>> continue.
> That was next on my list to research that thread, and indeed that works!
> Thanks!

I spoke too soon. I think I may have been booting back to 211813 which
was never removed from kernel.old.   I should have been renaming
whatever kernel build to /boot/kernel.r21XXXX instead of relying on that

In other words periodic=1 did not work for me, but changing the timer
selection did.

I left kern.eventtimer.perdiodic="1" in /boot/loader.conf and also
changed kern.eventtimer.timer="LAPIC" to boot up.   I have not played
with running through all the different combinations, but this allowed be
to boot r213481 from this morning.

I'm assuming it's choosing the HPET timers.

kern.eventtimer.choice: HPET(450) HPET1(450) HPET2(450) LAPIC(400)
i8254(100) RTC(0)
kern.eventtimer.et.LAPIC.flags: 15
kern.eventtimer.et.LAPIC.frequency: 100005979
kern.eventtimer.et.LAPIC.quality: 400
kern.eventtimer.et.i8254.flags: 1
kern.eventtimer.et.i8254.frequency: 1193182
kern.eventtimer.et.i8254.quality: 100
kern.eventtimer.et.HPET.flags: 3
kern.eventtimer.et.HPET.frequency: 14318180
kern.eventtimer.et.HPET.quality: 450
kern.eventtimer.et.HPET1.flags: 3
kern.eventtimer.et.HPET1.frequency: 14318180
kern.eventtimer.et.HPET1.quality: 450
kern.eventtimer.et.HPET2.flags: 3
kern.eventtimer.et.HPET2.frequency: 14318180
kern.eventtimer.et.HPET2.quality: 450
kern.eventtimer.et.RTC.flags: 17
kern.eventtimer.et.RTC.frequency: 32768
kern.eventtimer.et.RTC.quality: 0
kern.eventtimer.periodic: 0
kern.eventtimer.timer: LAPIC
kern.eventtimer.idletick: 0
kern.eventtimer.singlemul: 2

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