Alexander Churanov wrote:
> Some time ago I was asking for an advice on USB camera which fails to
> work after upgrade to FreeBSD 8 (the /dev/da* don't show up).
> Now I've enabled CAMDEBUG. The entries from /var/log/messages are
> available here:
> http://alexanderchuranov.com/freebsd8-usb-camera/autosense-failed
> If you have some time to look into this, your comments will be very
> much appreciated.

As I can see, things go wrong just after first request to device -
INQUIRY. After that CAM tries to fetch details of error with REQUEST
SENSE and again fails. I think you had no enabled verbose kernel
messages at that moment, so I can't see some error messages I would
expect there. But from this data I don't think that something is wrong
with CAM. I would start digging toward umass driver (enable debug there)
to find out what can be the source of these errors. Device should not
return error in response to INQUIRY.

PS: I can see that umass has special quirk to simulate fake INQUIRY
response in some cases. I have no idea what the hell it is, but may be
it is related here.

Alexander Motin
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